5 Best Tools to Create A Perfect Pitch Deck for Your Startup

5 Best Tools to Create A Perfect Pitch Deck for Your Startup

What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck is the most suitable form of presenting a business startup idea to a group of potential investors or partners. It is the perfect form of presenting ideas most analytically and graphically. Angel investors, lenders, grantors, friends, and even families are usually interested in the content of a pitch deck before committing their funds to such a startup.

Pitch decks are usually created with Microsoft PowerPoint or any other presentation tool that one is familiar with. The content can also be optimized with images, charts, and stylish texts to make it more presentable.

The Need for a Pitch Deck

The need for a pitch deck is quite similar to that of a business plan or a grant proposal. One of the uniqueness of a pitch deck is that it is perfect for tech startups because it shows all the selling points in the most presentable form.

Most venture capitalists or angel investors prefer screening pitch decks of startups or existing businesses rather than aimlessly strolling through the texts of a business plan.

Apart from the use of ‘word of mouth’, a pitch deck can be the fastest way of convincing a potential investor about sponsoring your business idea.

It is also the fastest way of providing an overview of the business activities, the solution to the problems, and how these solution(s) will be provided in a physical or face-to-face interview.

Tools Needed to Create a Pitch Deck

The most popular tools for creating pitch decks include:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Prezi
  • Haiku Deck
  • Sketch deck
  • PitchEnvy etc.

Microsoft PowerPoint

This is the go-to tool for any presentation. It is the most popular application for creating powerful decks. One thing is that the user has to be familiar with the ribbons, plugins, and toolbars. Proper manipulation of these tools will result in the creation of responsive decks. There are also plenty of templates that can be edited to create perfect decks.

There are numerous advantages to using PowerPoint to create decks. Examples of these advantages include:

  • Very easy to use
  • Can be used anywhere
  • The choice to create new decks or choose from existing templates
  • Opportunity to safe files in different formats and
  • It is a very effective tool for creating decks.

However, it can prove to be a little technical. Also, another thing is that one can quickly get overwhelmed with too much information, tools, and features.


Consider this as a flexible PowerPoint. The presentations created with Prezi look more modernized and somewhat appealing than decks created with PowerPoint.

Prezi decks used more motion-based designs rather than the traditional or classic PowerPoint style. Its various disadvantages include:

  • A large database of templates.
  • Available on mobile devices
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Unlike PowerPoint,

  • It requires some sort of fee before one can access some special features such as privately saving one’s work.
  • Another demerit is that it takes time.
  • Customer support might not be available unless one is a premium member.
  • The least amount of subscriptions available on Prezi is $10. One might need to spend more to access other features.

Haiku Deck

This pitch deck tool is a more flexible and faster way of creating pitch decks. Although it is very simple and faster for you, it, however, doesn’t have as many customization features as PowerPoint or Prezi.

This tool has a special photo library that comprises thousands of wonderful and enhanced images that can be used to beautify decks.

Although it is completely free, it has a feature that costs $60 per year.


  • Completely free. Even for mobile apps.
  • It is best for people without design skills.
  • 100% mobile compatibility.
  • Its premium service ‘Zuru’ can be integrated with other presentation tools such as PowerPoint.


  • The mobile application is only designed for iPhone and iPad.
  • Due to the limitations in features, some of the pitch decks seem to look so much like each other.

Sketch Deck

Sketchdeck is a pitch deck design website that connects business owners to pitch deck creators. There are different levels of professionals available and that can be connected with. It is the entrepreneur’s best bet for finding the best professionals.

Their price ranges from $250-$600. Depending on the number of slides or pages required.

Naturally, this should be one of the last options that should be considered while contemplating creating a pitch deck. Also, freelance platforms can be considered if writing them by oneself might become a problem.


PitchEnvy is a collection of the best decks that have ever existed. The idea is to draw inspiration from winning pitch decks of multinationals. Checking out the pitch decks that have been assessed by top angel investors, venture capitalists, and lenders can be the magic trick.

Other platforms offer this tool. PitchEnvy is easily the best place to find decks that match one’s organization.

In Conclusion

Having a great business idea is one thing. Creating the perfect pitch decks to showcase one’s idea is another ball game entirely. Using the right tool is very key to creating the presentation document.

A business owner must choose the application that he is most familiar with or suitable with. The use of optimizing images, texts, and even video files to create a very appealing pitch deck is also a winning point that must be prioritized.

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