5 Tips to Improve Customer Interactions Through Digital Channels

5 Tips to Improve Customer Interactions Through Digital Channels

Serving customers well is a basic premise for any business to be successful. The classic image that often comes to mind when we think about it is that of a salesperson explaining everything about a product to a consumer in a store, right? However, more and more companies do much of their service digitally.

To begin with, it is necessary to have a mentality for service via digital channels. This applies to both passive contacts, such as the technical support area, and active contacts. Many, many people think that it is enough to have empathy and good communication, which is not correct.

Empathy and good communication are the icings on a cake – not the whole cake to be offered to customers. Before, you need to build a foundation with processes & flows, tools & data, and team training. See the illustration of the idea below, to make it easier.

The cake recipe is in the 5 tips to improve interactions with customers through digital channels, which are as follows:

1. Choose Which Digital Channel You Want to Focus on

It’s not a good idea to want to be on every channel imaginable. It might seem like it makes sense to be available to customers everywhere, but that makes it difficult to solve problems. It is quite common, in these cases, to open multiple tickets for the same issue in different channels.

So, understand through which digital channel your customer prefers to communicate. Centralizing communication in a single tool, the service is much better, leaving everyone satisfied. Even if, in the beginning, there are contacts through other points, direct them to the appropriate channel – the one you chose as the best.

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2. Make It Very Clear to Your Customer What the Channel Is and How to Communicate in It

It’s no use organizing yourself internally to serve through a digital channel and not making it clear to the customer. We recommend the creation of a Landing Page with ways to communicate with the different areas of your company – WhatsApp for support, an email for account managers, etc.

3. Map Your Processes and Flows: How You Will Solve Problems and Doubts

This is where the actual service begins and, in general, people demand it to be fast. And also that the problem is resolved quickly. That’s why it’s critical to have problem-solving processes and workflows built and continually reviewed. Thus, attendants do not need to ask technical teams for help, for example.

4. Build a Suitable Tool Stack

With the mapping done, it is easier to understand which are the most appropriate tools to better serve your customers. Of course, in the beginning, the company has fewer resources – and fewer tickets and customers – and can start using something simpler.

With the increase in contacts, it is also necessary to increase the complexity and have a more robust tool stack. Always keep in mind that it is important to avoid the “small bad experiences”, so the more prepared, the better!

5. Map Your Data Intensively and Analyze It Periodically

The service generates constant learning, through data. They must be mapped and analyzed every time, so you can improve processes. Thus, it is possible to understand the most common problems and the best solutions, leading to the definition of metrics and KPIs for team performance.

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