How to Retain Customers in Your Business

How to Retain Customers in Your Business

You invested in attraction and conversion and finally managed to close sales. Now, taking care of each new customer so that they continue with your company is just as important as the work done during the initial stages of the Buyer’s Journey. After all, if satisfied, this consumer can become a brand advocate, evaluating your business on the internet and recommending it to acquaintances.

The key to preserving your clientele is maintaining a constant relationship with them. By frequently analyzing consumer behavior, you can identify the difficulties faced by the consumer and act to solve them before the competitor does.

In addition, several other actions are very useful to retain customers. In this article, we bring 7 practical tips on how to do this using, mainly, Digital Marketing.

7 Practical Strategies to Retain Customers

In addition to having a service team, it is possible to work with several channels to serve and retain your consumers. See some tips:

1. Pay attention to service

There is no way to retain customers without doing the basics, which is to offer quality service. After closing the deal, after-sales is crucial to keeping your loyal customers. Many consumers, by the way, are used to bad service and feel abandoned by the company after the purchase. Capturing at that moment will be a differential.

One of the ways to do this is through support. When the customer contacts this area, it is usually because they have a problem to solve. Here is an opportunity to captivate you by offering excellent service. More than solving the difficulty faced by the user, anticipate and show how the process can be optimized, improving their experience.

2. Promotional actions

Promotional actions, such as loyalty programs and discounts, are also good options to retain customers. Discover some possibilities:

  • Create Success Milestones: This tactic encourages users to take the next step and continue the journey with your business. Giving incentives, such as discounts or a free month of service after a certain period, can be relevant to retaining them.
  • Have a points program: this is a simple practice of, from time to time, reward proportionally to the number of customer acquisitions and the value of their purchases. Accounting for what was spent in that period, he can earn gifts or discounts on future purchases.
  • Offer discounts on commemorative dates: who doesn’t like to be remembered when they have a birthday? If congratulations come with a special discount, the joy is even greater! Send a commemorative email to your birthday customer and gift them with exclusive discounts. Another option is to give it as a gift on the company’s anniversary.
  • Run flash promotions: the idea of flash promotions is to offer a product with a special condition for a certain time, in this case specifically for customers. It is interesting to limit the duration of the promotion or the number of possible purchases, thus generating a little more urgency.
  • Implement a loyalty program: Offer a significant discount or gift when the customer completes six months or one year of registration with your establishment. This makes him feel remembered as an important part of the company.
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3. Recognize customers

A completely free way to reward and recognize loyal customers is to show a particular one on your Facebook page or website, selecting a customer of the month, for example. You can also interview him and post that conversation, or a snippet of it, on your page.

This is also a way to convey credibility to potential new customers, showing someone who already knows your company.

Another way to recognize your customers is simply by saying thank you. Just like you, consumers like to feel valued. Show how you appreciate their presence by thanking them for using your product or service and for supporting your business.

4. Use content to build customer loyalty

We always talk here about the importance of content to attract customers. But did you know that these materials also work very well for retaining your current clientele?

By producing your content, your company creates a marketing asset that will perpetuate for years in your strategy, instead of just renting space with the purchase of ads. Educating your consumers and being close to them to solve their doubts regarding the use of your products or services is a great way to build customer loyalty and promote upsell and cross-sell.

Another benefit of customer content is the time savings for your salespeople, consultants, and support. Having quality content available for consultation, your customer will be able to call your employees less often and increasingly resolve their doubts on their own. In addition, your company will always be present, which creates proximity and develops a relationship of trust.

5. Identify at-risk customers

Several signs indicate that a customer may end the contract with your company. And often, not even he knows he will take that attitude.

The drop in metrics such as engagement and number of visits to the site and the increase in complaints are some indications that point to an imminent cancellation. So keep an eye on this information. When identifying them, try to reverse the situation. Once again, using content that encourages the use of your products or services can serve to bring consumers and companies closer together.

6. Segment emails

Nothing is as important in Email Marketing as delivering content that is interesting to the recipient. Hence the importance of segmenting contacts to send messages relevant to them.

You can know your base through demographics, browsing behavior, and purchase history.

7. Follow the strategies

Finally, a very important tip is to measure and monitor the performance of each of the actions to identify what has worked best for your company. Being able to measure each action is, after all, one of the great strengths of Digital Marketing. Enjoy it.

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