Top Ideas to Make Money When You’re Unemployed

Top Ideas to Make Money When You're Unemployed

Unemployment is a serious menace battling many economies of the world and as a result of that, it is necessary to find solutions to keep accounts up to date and earn money even when unemployed.

In this article, we bring to you top ideas for you to make money if you are unemployed. The internet stands out as the main intermediary between professionals and those looking for their products or services. There are no surprises since the app boom took place years ago and most people are already used to using them in their daily lives.

But it is also important to highlight the need for dedication, research, and even creativity to earn money with these works. In this way, it is even possible that some of these ideas become your new profession or business.

1. Give private lessons

When you’re an expert on a subject, why not share your knowledge with others? Giving private lessons is a great way to earn money even if you are unemployed and still develop your experience and knowledge in your field. And, with the help of digital communication tools like Skype, Google Meet, Zoom, among others, you don’t even have to leave the house!

While most people think of language teaching when they think of private lessons, they are not limited to this type of content. You can also offer classes on the use of specific tools (whether physical or digital), as well as focusing on theoretical rather than practical knowledge.

Regardless of the type of class, you are going to teach, planning and focus are essential to succeed in this business. So, start by thinking about the content, the materials you will use, your target audience, and where you can find them.

2. Become a freelance professional

It is very common that, when thinking of a freelancer, most people think of graphic designers or social media first. But it’s not just these professionals who fit into the freelancers’ category.

A freelancer is nothing more than a self-employed professional who works on the demand of his clients. In addition to designers and social media, other professionals who stand out in the freelance market are advertisers, journalists, copywriters, translation, transcription, and subtitling professionals, illustrators and motion designers, programmers. Professions considered more traditional, such as administration and accounting, have also stood out among freelancers.

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3. Become a digital content producer

A few years ago, most people looked with suspicion when someone said they worked in digital content production. This, of course, was due to the lack of knowledge of this type of occupation, which rarely happens nowadays. While not everyone understands exactly what a content producer does, most people see this job as – in fact – a job and one that can be very lucrative.

On the one hand, you don’t need a lot of upfront investment to become a content producer, which is great for those who are unemployed. On the other hand, it takes a lot of dedication, knowledge about networks and their main tools, and strong personal marketing.

So, define your market niche and stay in the production of quality content. That way, you’ll attract interested people and start building your community. Also, mark your online presence and bet on a variety of networks (such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube…), avoiding putting all your chips in one place. Understand how each of them works and maybe this will become your main job.

4. Register as an App driver

For those who have a vehicle, providing services as a driver is one of the first ideas to earn money and make an extra income today. Passenger transport became better known by Uber, but there are other apps in the same market, such as Bolt.

From registration to completion of deliveries, everything is done through the app. Therefore, in addition to the vehicle, it is important to have a good internet plan and always check your cell phone battery during work periods.

5. Become a reseller for big brands

One of the most common ways to earn extra income whether you are employed or unemployed is catalog resale. While it’s not the only resale option out there, most people have already purchased cosmetics, jewelry, or kitchen utensils from an authorized retailer.

The profit can reach 30% of the value of each sale made through the monthly printed catalog, depending on the conditions of the brand. On the other hand, it is not necessary to have a stock of products (unless you want to have a small quantity of the most popular products in stock).

Another interesting point is that catalog sales do not require exclusivity, which allows the same reseller to work with different brands.

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