5 Tips to Reinforce Your Personality and Always Be Authentic

5 Tips to Reinforce Your Personality and Always Be Authentic

Being authentic is most people’s dream. However, for a multitude of reasons, they fail to do so. To let your personality show, you have to accept your truth and experience it in everyday life, even if it alienates some people.

Those around us will always try to have an opinion on how we should act or be. Sometimes this behavior is motivated by good intentions but ends up pulling us away from our essence. Authentic people know how to listen to good advice and put it into practice at the right time.

What is Authenticity?

Many embark on the quest to be authentic, but what does authenticity mean? What are all these people looking to embody in their personalities?

One of the many meanings of the word authenticity is “that which is true”. A person who acts truthfully expresses his or her feelings and opinions without fear of retaliation. She has no ulterior motives and, when she wants something, she expresses her will so that there are no future misunderstandings.

The authentic person is free of secrets. She makes her personality crystal clear and is not ashamed of making mistakes or having flaws. Therefore, it is valued by others.

Its transparency is comforting because it represents a state of inner peace that many would like to experience. Not everyone dares to behave according to their inner truth. Years of inhibition lead individuals to wear masks to hide personality traits considered inappropriate – but which are not always so.

Being authentic, then, is the same as being real to yourself and others. Authenticity is accompanied by high self-confidence and self-esteem.

The authentic person seeks to fulfill their desires for professional fulfillment, lasting relationships, and acquiring skills that will help them to excel without blinking. Hence, she lives a more satisfying life.

How to Be Authentic Without Stress?

Being authentic doesn’t have to be hard work, although you do need to awaken your conscience so you don’t “create moods” in social moments. However, the happiness felt in living according to your truth is incomparable.

Living authentically is also a way to take care of mental health! Authentic people are the way they are because they love and value each other, so they don’t feed insecurities or existential conflicts.

Here are five tips to start living your truth now.

1. Be loyal to yourself

Authentic people don’t give in to social pressures to fit into the molds created by others. They are loyal to their values, wants, needs and dreams, and do not modify any of these elements for other individuals. Who likes them, needs to accept them the way they are, period.

The decision to be more authentic naturally drives self-loyalty. You stop taking the desperate path towards validation from others, as well as you stop pretending to be what you are not to please others.

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2. Don’t care what others think

Fear of judgment, both from close people and from strangers, is one of the biggest reasons behind personality inhibition.

Anxious people tend to have this fear more exposed, doing everything to avoid criticism. Even when this fear stems from thoughts and speculations, they modify their behavior to fit the mold they believe is most accepted by others.

The fear of judgment is underpinned by trauma, resentment, ongoing bad experiences, insecurity, and a lack of self-esteem. All these emotional issues can be overcome in therapy. So, if you feel that it is impossible to cure them alone, seek the help of a psychologist.

If you live only thinking about what others have to say about you, you will never really live. It’s impossible to please everyone, no matter how hard you try.

3. Practice self-acceptance

Authentic people accept themselves as they are. They understand that they are perfectly imperfect, therefore, they are not afraid to admit mistakes or admit faults.

Instead of spending their lives blaming themselves for not living up to other people’s unreasonable ideals, they turn their gaze to their qualities and strengths.

Self-acceptance also makes authentic people able to resolve conflicts without holding grudges or inventing lies to justify their behavior. In this way, they can ask for forgiveness and forgive themselves for dishonorable conduct, providing opportunities for personal growth.

4. Have self-love

To be authentic, you need to accept and love yourself. Ask yourself right now how much you love yourself. Do you let others impose your will? Do you reveal harmful attitudes to maintain a bad friendship? Have you ever annulled yourself to try to save a love relationship? If your answers are positive, it’s a sign that you need to dedicate more time to like yourself!

Developing self-esteem may not be easy, especially if you’ve spent your entire life putting yourself down in an attempt to appear humble and allow others to exalt you. However, loving yourself is a requirement to be authentic.

5. Get to know yourself to make the most of your personality

Self-knowledge can help you accept yourself, forgive yourself, and love yourself despite your flaws. Authentic people know exactly who they are and how to tap into every positive aspect of their personalities.

So the more you get to know your personality, the more affection you will have for yourself and the easier it will be to react to events with the right intensity.

Self-knowledge also removes self-seeking and opportunistic people from the lives of authentic individuals, as it strengthens the respect nurtured by oneself.

Saying no to inappropriate treatments is a characteristic of those who love themselves and do not want to waste time or energy being mistreated by others. It doesn’t matter if these are family, co-workers, or friends.

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