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DMX Net Worth

DMX Net Worth

What is DMX’s net worth?

Net Worth: $-1 Million
Age: 50
Date of Birth: December 18, 1970
Country of Origin: United States
Profession: Rapper
Updated: 2022

DMX’s net worth is expected to be -$1 million in 2022. Why a lot of people might be wondering? In the following sections, we are going to talk about.

DMX is among the most influential figures in hardcore rap. His early years’ circumstances led to a life riddled with legal problems from a young age. His music is a reflection of his childhood as well as his faith.

In the rap industry, DMX’s debut at number one is unusual, and his music continues to have an impact. He’s also the fifth best-selling rap artist in the United States at the moment.

Formative Years

Earl Simmons was born on December 18, 1970, in Baltimore, Maryland. He grew up in Yonkers, New York, where his family moved. Earl’s father abandoned him when he was a child, and his mother was harsh. Earl’s childhood was turbulent and violent, forcing him to live in group homes and survive on the streets.

Earl had numerous run-ins with the law as an adolescent and was frequently violent. He was in and out of prison as a result of his survival on the streets, and he began using drugs and alcohol at an early age. Hip hop provided salvation, and he began his career as a DJ and human beatbox before transitioning to rapping.

DMX rose to prominence in the freestyle rap movement and was soon included in The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype column.

DMX Career

In 1992, he secured a deal with Ruffhouse, a Columbia subsidiary, and his first single “Born Loser” was published. This appeared to be a promising start for DMX, however, the company under-promoted his song, and he was soon freed from his contract.

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He released a second single, Make a Move, in 1994, but then was convicted for narcotics possession soon after.

DMX signed with Def Jam three years later, in 1997, and made multiple cameo appearances with artists including LL Cool J and Mase. The next year, a third single, Get at Me Dog, was published. This record went platinum on the rap and dance charts, and DMX became a household name.

In May 1998, he launched his debut album, which peaked at number one on the pop charts. Since then, DMX has sold over 74 million records worldwide, including 17.1 million in the United States alone. He has seven studio albums and five compilation albums to his credit, as well as roles in films such as Never Die Alone.

DMX has dabbled with record production in addition to rapping and acting. In the year 2000, he formed Bloodline Records with Def Jam. The next generation of R&B and hip-hop performers are the focus of this label. Nyla and Word One are among the musicians signed to the company at the moment.

DMX’s net worth is -$1 million as of 2022.

Memorable Moments

  • In 1998, he released It’s Dark & Hell Is Hot.
  • In 1998, he released Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood…
  • Then, in 1999, there was X.
  • In 2001, he released The Great Depression, then in 2003, he released Grand Champ.
  • He published the album Year of the Dog… In 2006, he released Undisputed, and in 2012, he released Undisputed again.

In Conclusion

DMX’s legal difficulties followed him throughout his life, despite the triumphs he had in both music and film. DMX has declared bankruptcy on many occasions and owes over $1.2 million in child support.

As a result, DMX’s net worth has plummeted, and he now has a net worth of -$1 million.

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