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Dude Perfect Net Worth

Dude Perfect Net Worth

What is Dude Perfect’s net worth?

Dude Perfect’s net worth is predicted to be $30 million by 2022, and they presently have over 5 billion views.

Dude Perfect is a renowned YouTube channel run by an American sports entertainment company. Cory and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert make up the group.

They first got attention when they began uploading sports videos on YouTube, where they received over 200,000 views in just one week.

Formative Years

Everything began when the team started betting sandwiches on basketball shots in their backyard, which they videotaped. Their first video was titled “Backyard Edition,” and it was eventually uploaded on YouTube.

The video gained over 200,000 views in just one week. They followed up with another video of a trick shot from Christian vacation camp Sky Ranch, which has now received over 18 million views.


The group’s first video, “Backyard Edition,” was a huge hit. “Sky Ranch,” their second video, has received over 18 million views to date. Following that, ESPN approached the group about doing a segment with them.

Professional requests and endorsements began to pour in for the group. Dude Perfect has worked with a variety of sportsmen and released a mobile game for Android and iOS in 2011.

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The Harlem Globetrotters chose Dude Perfect for their annual player draft in 2015 and later approved “The Dude Perfect Show” as a television series.

When one of the cast members shot from the third deck of Kyle Field in 2009, they broke the record for the longest basketball shot.

They broke their record with a 216-foot (66-meter) cross tower shot with a 150-foot basket (46m). Their video Ping Pong Trick Shots 3 was ranked third on YouTube’s Top Viral Videos list.

Serena Williams, Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul, Morgan Beck, Luke Bryan, and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. are just a few of the world’s top athletes who have worked with Dude Perfect.

Dude Perfect’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million in 2022.

Memorable Moments:

  • Nerf Blasters Edition which was uploaded in 2014 has 96 million views.
  • Bowling Trick Shots which was uploaded in 2014 has 84 million views.
  • World Records which was uploaded in 2016 has 77 million views.

In Conclusion

Dude Perfect is one of YouTube’s most popular and successful channels. Their video Ping Pong Trick Shot 3 placed them third in YouTube’s Top Viral.

They’ve worked with well-known athletes throughout the world. They have a subscriber base of nearly 30 million people.

Dude Perfect’s net worth is expected to be around $30 million in 2022.

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