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Jeff Bezos Net Worth

Jeff Bezos Net Worth in 2022

What is Jeff Bezos’ Net Worth in 2022?

With a net worth of $183.8 billion, Jeff Bezos is officially the second richest person on the planet. This figure is based on real-time data from Forbes. Jeff Bezos is the owner of Amazon, which is regarded as one of the world’s largest and most profitable online stores. There has been quite a lot of chatter lately about who the world’s wealthiest person is, and Jeff Bezos’ net worth has been moving a lot.

Net Worth: $200 Billion
Age: 58
Born: January 12, 1964
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Founder of Amazon
Updated: 2022

Jeff Bezos Early Life

Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 12, 1964. His grandfather worked for the US Atomic Energy Commission as a regional director in the area and left the profession to the ranch. As a kid, Jeff worked with him there for several years. Bezos was known for his intellectual interests and mechanical prowess; he once set up an electric alarm in his room to prevent his siblings from entering.

Jeff studied at Miami Palmetto High School and received a Silver Knight Award for his participation in the University of Florida’s Student Science Training Program.

Jeff Bezos’ Career

Soon after resigning from the hedge fund D.E. Shaw, Jeff Bezos launched in a garage in Seattle in 1994. 19 His previous supervisor, David E. Shaw, was initially uninterested in the idea of an online bookstore.

Although began as a book retailer, it has evolved into a one-stop shop for everything under the sun and is now perhaps the world’s largest retailer. In any case, it’s difficult to argue with their claim to be “the world’s most customer-centric organization.” Some of its unexpected developments, such as buying Whole Foods in 2017 and releasing its own branded over-the-counter medications in August 2017, demonstrate its history of continual diversification.

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Amazon’s stock price soared in 2020, owing to increased demand for online purchasing as people were forced to stay at home due to lockdowns. In 2020, the stock was up 76 percent. Bezos stood down as CEO of Amazon on July 5, 2021, and transitioned to his new post as executive chair.

Bezos ended up taking Amazon public in 1997 and became the first guy to reach a net worth of more than $100 billion since Bill Gates in 1999.  Other projects by Jeff Bezos include the aerospace company Blue Origin, The Washington Post (which he bought in 2013), and the 10,000-year clock (also known as the Long Now).

Blue Origin’s first successful crewed flight took place on July 20, 2021, with Bezos, his brother Mark, aviation pioneer Wally Funk, and Dutch student Oliver Daemen, reaching an altitude of slightly over 62 miles before landing safely.

Highlights of Jeff Bezos’ Career

Below are some of Jeff Bezos’ career highlights:

  • He founded Inc. in 1994.
  • Makes Forbes’ list of the 400 most powerful people in the world in 1998.
  • Blue Origin is discovered in 2000
  • 2001 witnessed the dot-com bubble burst.
  • Amazon Web Services was launched in 2006.
  • Amazon Studios is now open for business in 2010.
  • For $250 million, he bought the Washington Post in 2013.
  • Overtakes Warren Buffett as the second richest person on the planet in 2016.
  • Becomes the World’s Wealthiest Man in 2018.

In Conclusion

Jeff Bezos went from not being able to sell books to be able to sell everything he wants. Amazon has grown into a behemoth that is sweeping the globe; it all began with a single man attempting to sell used books.

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