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Paul Oakenfold Net Worth

Paul Oakenfold Net Worth in 2022

What is Paul Oakenfold’s Net Worth in 2022?

Paul Oakenfold is a record producer from England.

Oakenfold has won three Grammy Awards and has been nominated for two World Music Awards.

DJ Magazine named him the number one DJ in the world in 1998 and 1999. U2, Moby, Madonna, Britney Spears, Massive Attack, The Cure, New Order, The Rolling Stones, The Stone Roses, and Michael Jackson are among the acts he has remixed.

Paul Oakenfold’s net worth is expected to be over $65 million in 2022.

Net Worth: $65 Million
Age: 59
Born: August 30, 1963
Country of Birth: United Kingdom
Profession: Record Producer
Updated: 2022

Formative Years 

Paul Mark Oakenfold was born in London on August 30, 1963.

Oakenfold went to Archbishop Lanfranc School and then served at the Army and Navy Club for four years while studying to be a chef. In a podcast conversation with Vancouver’s 24 Hours, he discusses his early days as a “bedroom DJ.”

When he met Trevor Fung in the late 1970s, he began his musical career. He also met Rumours, where he performed songs by Earth, Wind, and Fire as well as other well-known British bands.

Oakenfold and his friend Ian Paul, at 18 years old, went to New York City in 1981.

Paul Oakenfold Career and Net Worth

Oakenfold spent a week on the island of Ibiza in 1987 to celebrate his birthday.

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After hours, Oakenfold persuaded the owner of an English venue to arrange an “Ibiza Reunion ” party. He had attempted it before, but it had flopped because the people were not prepared for the acid house style, which was not introduced until 1987 when the party was a hit.

When U2 released their song “Even Better Than the Real Thing” a few years later, the Perfecto remix peaked higher than the original song.

He was engaged by U2 the next year to provide warm-up sonics for their Zoo TV global tour, replacing BP Fallon on the European, Australian, New Zealand, and Japanese legs in 1993.

Oakenfold made history in 1999 when he became the first DJ to perform on the main stage at the Glastonbury Festival, which he considers his favorite gig.

The next year, he collaborated with Mitchell Oakenfold on fourteen tracks spanning jazz, soul, house, and goa-based sounds. ‘Bunkka,’ his first official studio album, was released in 2002. Under the Peoplesound Records label, an extended play with live versions of four songs was published.

Paul Oakenfold’s net worth is expected to be over $65 million in 2022.

Key Moments:

Below are some of the most memorable moments in Paul Oakenfold’s career:

  • Lemon Song was released in 1993.
  • Swordfish Album was released in 2001
  • Ready Steady Go Song was released in 2002
  • In 2002, the song “Get Em Up” was released, and in 2005, the song “Beautiful Goal” was released.

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