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PewDiePie Net Worth

PewDiePie Net Worth

What is PewDiePie’s net worth?

Net Worth: $40 Million
Age: 33
Date of Birth: October 24, 1989
Nationality: Sweden
Profession: YouTuber/Social Media Personality

PewDiePie’s net worth is expected to be $40 million in 2022. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known on the internet as PewDiePie, is a Swedish YouTuber. He’s also the most subscribed YouTube channel.

His YouTube gaming videos have helped him establish himself as a gaming personality.

Formative Years

Felix was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, on October 24, 1989. He has always been interested in art and was an ardent gamer during his high school years.

In 2008, he graduated from Göteborgs Högre Samskola and went on to Chalmers University of Technology to further his education. Felix, on the other hand, felt out of place there and decided to drop out to pursue his passions.

Although his early days were difficult, he stated in a video that he purchased equipment to get started by selling his Photoshop works. Even though it was just Pewdie at first, he came up with the name ‘PewDiePie’ for the channel.


PewDiePie’s lively and amusing game commentary, combined with spectacular reactions, immediately made him a viral sensation, and in 2012, he surpassed 5 million subscribers to become the most subscribed YouTube channel.

After that, he signed with Makers Studio and began to gain media notice. PewDiePie’s channel now has over 104 million subscribers and over 3500 videos.

Over the years, his channel has featured a variety of gaming series and segments, the most popular of which being his Let’s Play series.

As his fame grew and reports of big sums of money began to circulate, he received a lot of attention as well as a lot of hate.

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That’s why he’s made multiple videos on cruel people. The bro fist he does at the end of every video is his signature. He also does vlogs regularly and has a large following in the mainstream media.

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist, his own game, was launched in 2015.

He subsequently went on to write and publish his book, This Book Loves You. PewDiePie has received numerous awards in the gaming community on Youtube, including the 5th Streamy Award for Best Gaming Channel, Show, or Series.

PewDiePie was declared the highest-paid YouTuber by Forbes in 2016, with an annual salary of $15 million.

PewDiePie’s income is not just derived from YouTube, as he is also involved in a variety of other productions and projects.

He is also a generous donor with an initiative called the ‘Water Campaign.’ He has raised over $400,000 through the program and has been involved in other collaborations throughout the years.

Following issues over the content of some of his films, Felix has recently given his channel a new edge with some of his free speech videos.

PewDiePie’s net worth is expected to be $40 million in 2022.

Memorable Moments:

  • He launched his YouTube channel in 2010, and the PewDiePie Vs T-Series competition began in 2018. As of 2020, he had 104 million subscribers.
  • As of 2022, he has amassed a total of 25 billion views.

In Conclusion

PewDiePie, like many other social media stars like Casey Neistat and Logan Paul, is the most successful YouTuber of all time, with millions of subscribers and growing net worth.

PewDiePie’s net worth is expected to be $40 million in 2022.

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