How Long Can You Wish Someone a Happy New Year?

How Long Can You Wish Someone a Happy New Year?

The new year begins – but how long can you wish yourself a happy new year? One week after the New Year, two weeks – or until the end of January? First of all: There is no expiration date for good New Year wishes, but there is an etiquette rule of thumb. And the most important thing: If you wish a Happy New Year in the New Year, the good wishes should always be worded appropriately.

The rule of thumb: You can wish family, friends, colleagues, and business partners a Happy New Year until mid-January. After that, it is over. You can continue to wish for the best in your job. The topic of New Year’s greetings is then through.

Belated New Year Wishes

If you meet colleagues or friends later in January, you don’t have to ignore the turn of the year, of course. But you should signal that you are aware of the delay, for example like this:

  • “Hello Ms. Jennifer, we haven’t even seen each other this year. I wish you luck and success for the remaining 345 days. “
  • “I hope the new year has started well for you.”
  • “Even if the new year is already two weeks old: Happy New Year and only the best.”
  • “Now January is already half over – still a Happy New Year and good luck for 2022!”
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You can also take up the topic in a humorous way among friends and acquaintances. This is also the case if you unexpectedly receive a card with New Year’s wishes, but have not written any yourself:

“Did you know that according to Orthodox custom, New Year’s Eve is not until January 14th? I wish you a happy new year, good luck, and health for 2022. “

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