How to Activate Night Mode on WhatsApp

How to Activate Night Mode on WhatsApp

Apps like Twitter and Instagram have been offering their users night mode for some time. The function changes the colors of the appearance of the app, changing the light themes to black and gray tones.

Much appreciated by most users, the night mode was highly anticipated by users of the instant messaging application WhatsApp. The function came only with the latest app updates on mobile devices with Android and iOS systems.

But what are the advantages of Whatsapp night mode and other apps? In this post, we answer these questions and show you how to activate this function on your mobile phone.

Advantages of Night Mode in Whatsapp

Night mode has become a trend among users of various applications. In this way, developers have increasingly responded to the demands of their users and have included the option of a dark theme as an alternative to their light-colored interfaces.

Adherence to night mode is not purely aesthetic. The dark theme has some advantages over the light default of most apps. For starters, there’s a noticeable battery saving when night mode is activated. This is because, with the decrease of tones in the system interface, it doesn’t need to spend as much energy.

But the main advantage of the night mode is in the adjustment of light about the environment and the user’s eyes. As the light emitted by the mobile phone is a type of artificial lighting, our vision needs to constantly adapt to it and to the light that is illuminating the environment in which it is. This happens even more intensely when we are in a dark environment and need to look at the bright light of the mobile phone.

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In this way, night mode is a more comfortable option for users, as the function emits less intense light. This is especially important for those who spend long periods in front of these devices or have some kind of sensitivity to light or photophobia.

How to Activate Whatsapp Night Mode on your Mobile:

  • For Android

Whatsapp Night Mode was released for Android mobile devices at the end of January 2020. To activate it, you must have the app at least version 2.20.13 or later. If you have a previous version, you need to update the app on Google Play. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Whatsapp app and click the three dots icon at the top right of the screen. Among the options, it will open, select Settings
  2. In the Settings window, select the Conversations option. It will open another window. In the Display section, click Theme.
  3. Select the dark theme and press OK.
  • For iOS

On iOS devices, Whatsapp Night Mode was only released by the developers in early March this year. But, WhatsApp on iOS follows the system settings, so it cannot be done in the same way as Android devices. That is, the user who wants to use Night Mode in WhatsApp will need to apply this setting to the appearance of all iOS devices.

Another detail is that the WhatsApp app needs to be version 2.20.30 or later. Enter the Apple Store and update your app first if necessary. After that:

  1. From your iPhone’s main menu and select the Settings application. Among the options that it will open, select the Screen and Brightness tab.
  2. In the Appearance section, select the Dark option. Your device will automatically switch to Dark Mode, including the WhatsApp app.

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