How to Gain More Followers On Instagram Fast for Free

How to Gain More Followers On Instagram Fast for Free

We know that the internet is increasingly influencing our daily lives, which is to be expected. After all, the world is increasingly “online” with social networks and all the digital resources that have emerged. Even those people who didn’t have much contact with digital content are now increasingly modernized and learning to take advantage of such tools. One of them is Instagram! Want to learn how to gain followers on Instagram?

Gaining More Followers On Instagram for Free

Instagram is one of the most used digital platforms in the world, especially because it is a simple and practical platform, in which photo and video posts are very simple. Instagram as of 2018, was being used by about 1 billion people. Even more interesting is that at least 60% of this audience accesses the platform daily!

Can you imagine the number of people connected at the same time, enjoying, sharing, commenting, and talking about content? It’s something surreal. That’s why Instagram today is such an important platform, not only for those who enjoy interacting with friends on the internet, but also for entrepreneurs who know how to take advantage of the digital wave to promote their products and services, or yourself, to promote yourself as a professional.

Knowing how to gain followers on Instagram is essential. Bearing in mind that millions of people access the Instagram page daily, whether, from their computer or smartphone, the platform itself becomes one of the best ways to reach the desired audience. That’s why we’re here! Check out our tips on how to gain followers on Instagram.

Steps to Get More Followers

Certain steps need to be followed to gain a good amount of followers. The task can be a little monotonous, but it will bear much fruit in the end. The steps to get more followers (real, not ghost accounts or people who are not interested in your content) are:

1. Creating a more attractive profile

When you enter the Instagram page of a person you follow, the first thing you notice is their profile descriptions. For this reason, it is of paramount importance to build a profile that holds the attention of the potential follower, so that he continues to follow and look at the content of your page.

Make a brief description of who you are, separating it into topics such as age, country of origin, what you do, and what your page has to offer. Using emojis is a good call to make the profile more “colorful” and pleasant. Another very important tip is to write your profile in “English”, even if it is very basic. After all, most people who access Instagram are Americans or speak English, so they will understand who you are and what you do.

This, of course, is a tip for people looking to publicize their work or themselves. For companies or stores, the more details you provide about the company, the better, such as contact number, the website for product purchases, or more information, contact email, etc. Here, a profile in English is no longer necessary, unless the product sold also targets abroad.

2. Follow competitor pages and their followers

Be sure to follow the pages of competitors or people who produce content similar to yours. And then, follow the people who follow those pages. This tip is very important, especially to attract followers on competition pages or people who produce the same content. This is the best move to get more followers.

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Think of it this way, if they follow the page with similar content to yours, why wouldn’t they follow your page? After all, people on Instagram typically have preferences for what to watch or consume on the internet. People who follow completely random content are rarely seen. Everyone has a preference of what to follow.

With that in mind, one of the most arduous parts of the process comes into play: entering competing pages and following one by one the people who follow them. The more people you follow, the more views your Instagram page will receive, as people always receive notifications of new followers and everyone often goes to their followers’ pages to get to know them better.

So, if your content is flashy and people-pleasing, interested parties will start to appear and the trend is for followers to increase. Just be careful not to follow more than 50 people per hour, as in that case Instagram may block your Instagram “following” functionality.

3. Post photos, videos, and “stories” daily with interesting content 

Now that the first steps have been taken, the next step is to continue gaining new followers, but also “feeding” those who already follow. How to do this? It’s simple: daily, post new photos, videos and also “stories”.

Post photos that make sense to the audience you want to reach, avoiding posting too much personal content. The followers that have been gained will be following you to consume a type of content, so abuse it. Post 1 to 2 photos a day. Images that are flashy and creative are essential, and maintaining the frequency of posts is very important to keep your followers interested.

Don’t just post photos, it’s very interesting to also post at least 1 video now and then, or even daily. Video time on Instagram is very short and rarely a person who is following your content will ignore it. Unlike a 5-minute video posted on Youtube, Instagram allows a certain 49-second length in a posted video.

Try to post about 10 to 30 “stories” a day. They stay about 24 hours on Instagram and then disappear. That’s why it’s important to maintain pleasant and eye-catching content so that your followers don’t “jump” to the next stories, but follow the content produced. A story is typically around 15 seconds long, but a sequence can make for a long video, so take advantage of this feature.

4. Include Tags in Your Posts

The last step to gaining more followers on Instagram is quite simple, but it requires a little more care and dedication: include “tags” in your posts, to direct your followers – the hashtags!

The first thing to do is create a catchy and relatively long description for the photos and videos that will be posted. This is usually done by writing opinions or descriptions of the meaning of such a publication. Don’t skimp on the number of words. Use as much as you can, creating a callout in the first three lines that prompt the follower to continue reading the content.

Once that’s done, it’s time to put the “#hashtags”. The hashtag is an essential part of getting more followers and boosting your posts to reach those who follow such “hashtags” and are interested in similar content. Try to put about 10 to 30 hashtags in your post, no more and no less than this average.

In Conclusion

By following these steps daily, you will gain a large following as time goes on. Of course, it takes time and dedication, so don’t be frustrated that you don’t get a large following at first. Dedicate yourself and, as more followers appear, the trend is that your visibility on Instagram will increase.

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