The World’s Top 30 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels

The World's Top 30 Most-Subscribed YouTube Channels

YouTube is undoubtedly a great hit, as it is the second most popular platform behind Google. It’s the one place where we all go to learn new things, listen to music, read the news, play games, and much more.

Brands are increasingly turning to YouTube to raise their profile and reach a new audience. Any YouTube content creator with a large audience stands to gain a lot. In this post, we’ll discuss some of the most popular YouTubers and channels worth knowing about and following. Continue reading.

The Most Subscribed YouTube Channels

1. T-series (205 million subscribers)

T-series, the world’s most subscribed YouTube channel, is at the top of the list. It is India’s largest and most well-known film studio and record label. Their enormous success is due to their publishing of indie-pop and Bollywood music soundtracks. Fun fact: before they started generating their original content, the channel’s original plan was to sell pirated Bollywood music.

Gulshan Kumar, the creator of T-Series, used to be a fruit juice vendor in Delhi before his current meteoric rise.

2. Cocomelon (128 million subscribers)

Cocomelon is a channel dedicated to the amusement and education of children. Children’s songs, nursery rhymes, colors, and the alphabet are included prominently in their content. Its rapidly growing subscriber base demonstrates how much parents use YouTube to educate and delight their children. The channel’s videos receive millions and billions of views thanks to the autoplay feature. Indeed,

3. SET India (125 million subscribers)

Sony Entertainment India is a Sony Corporation company situated in India that primarily transmits shows, reality shows, movie teasers, and soundtracks. The majority of their content is written in Hindi.

4. PewDiePie (111 million followers)

PewDiePie is the first individual to reach 100 million subscribers on YouTube. Felix Arvid, a Swedish YouTuber, is known for his comic ‘Let’s Play’ videos and live discussions. He is regarded as one of YouTube’s wealthiest and most powerful personalities. 

5. MrBeast (89 million subscribers)

One of the more intriguing situations is that of MrBeast, a 23-year-old YouTuber. He spends hundreds to millions of dollars on tournament giveaways and buys enormous mystery boxes. In less than a week, his content has racked up millions of views. Follow his channels to witness his unwavering dedication to completing difficult undertakings.

6. Kids Diana Show (89 million subscribers)

On YouTube, children’s channels have a large following. The Kids Diana Show is an excellent example. The channel merely posts entertaining content about Diana and her brother Roma’s lives. Pool time, excursions, magic tricks, and unboxing are common examples of thrilling activities. Roma, too, has a YouTube channel, which has around 15 million subscribers. 

7. WWE (85 million subscribers)

WWE is 41 years old, and with that long of a history, you have to admit that it has millions of devoted fans and followers. Of course, you’re aware that they post footage of wrestlers destroying each other both inside and outside the ring.

8. Like Nastya (86.1 million subscribers)

Nastya reminds me of the Kids Diana Show. The videos focus on her life as she plays with toys, dances, or says the alphabet.

9. Zee Music Company (81 million subscribers)

Zee Music Company, which publishes in Hindi, is the second most subscribed YouTube channel after SET India. As the name suggests, the station focuses mostly on Hindi music, although its sister, Zee TV, caters to a broader audience.

10. Vlad and Niki (77.6 million subscribers)

Vlad and Niki is a great channel to watch if you want to keep your kids amused while you do something else. This channel, like Youngsters Diana Show, features clips of these two kids playing with toys, creating things, and getting into other trouble. Fun fact: in 2020, it was one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels.

11. 5 Minutes Crafts (75.5 million subscribers)

5-minute Crafts is a channel where you may acquire a variety of skills. They provide some incredible ideas on everything from cosmetic tips to mind-blowing Tik Tok challenges that you can do at home.

12. Blackpink (71.7 million subscribers)

The first pop band in this post with millions of followers is here. If you’re a big fan of K-pop, you should check out this channel. This section features largely k-pop music, behind-the-scenes footage, and interviews, as you might expect.

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13. Justin Bieber (67.3 million subscribers)

Justin Bieber’s YouTube career becomes better by the day. The Sorry singer is the most popular musician on YouTube, with over a million subscribers. Justin’s ability was discovered on YouTube, so maybe the YouTube gods are on his side, right? The pun was intended.

14. Canal KondZilla (65.3 million subscribers)

Konrad Dantas formed Canal Kondzilla, a music production firm. Dantas collaborates with a variety of musicians and broadcasts their work on his YouTube page, which primarily promotes the funk ostentacao genre.

15. Goldmines Telefilms (65.1 million subscribers)

Goldmines Telefilms’ stratospheric climb to millions of customers is incredible. Unlike other Indian networks, this one has the distinction of dubbing English and Telugu films into Hindi. They currently make their unique films and television shows.

16. HYBE LABELS (63.8 million subscribers)

If you think K-pop isn’t as popular as pop music, you’re mistaken. HYBE LABELS is another channel on this list that offers up some of the greatest bangers. They upload music from many k-pop acts, including the most famous, BTS band, as a music production house.

17. BangtanTV (63.4 million subscribers)

BTS, the K-pop megastars, has previously been discussed, right? If you can’t make it to HYBE LABELS, you can see their material on their YouTube account, BangtanTV.

18. Sony SAB (62.6 million subscribers)

Sony SAB is a comedy-focused television station established in India. It began as SAB (Sri Adhikari Brothers) in 1999 and was sold to Sony in 2005. The channel has evolved to be one of the most popular and successful on YouTube.

19. Zee TV (61 million subscribers)

When it comes to internet usage, India is second only to China. On any given day, more than 500 billion Indians access the internet. You shouldn’t be surprised that most TV stations, such as Zee TV, have millions of members.

Zee TV, like others, entertains its viewers by airing movie trailers, shows, music, interviews, and live conversation shows.

20. Shemaroo Filmi Gaane (58 million subscribers)

Shemaroo Filmi Gaane has a large number of Indian songs and soundtracks. If you are a Bollywood aficionado, this channel will provide you with entertaining music videos.

21. Dude Perfect (57.1 million subscribers)

Their channel’s description is short and straightforward: just five friends having a wonderful time making real-life trick shots and a few comedy sessions. This channel will impress you if you enjoy fantastic sporting events.

Quick fact: it is the most subscribed channel in the United States that is not controlled by a major corporation. It’s also the second most subscribed YouTube Sports channel after WWE.

22. Movieclips (55.8 million subscribers)

Many movie buffs may only be aware of this channel. Why? Because they have one of the most extensive collections of licensed films and television shows. They also frequently post movie trailers and brief bits.

23. Pinkfong! Kids Stories and Songs (55.2 Million Subscribers)

Pinkfong! Kids Stories requires no introduction for serious parents. After all, the most-watched YouTube video, Baby Shark Dance, comes from this channel, and it may be responsible for their astronomically big subscriber list.

24. Marshmello (54.6 million subscribers)

Marshmello is an electronic dance artist, producer, and DJ who has his own YouTube channel. Over 30 of his songs have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, with several more earning platinum certification. Alone, Silence, Friends, and Wolves are some of Marshmello’s most popular tracks.

25. ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs (54 million subscribers)

ChuChu TV, like Pinkfong, concentrates on kid-friendly material such as nursery rhymes, colors, and numbers. The Finger Family is one of the most popular works, with over 1 billion views.

26. Ed Sheeran (51 million subscribers)

Ed Sheeran can transport you back and forth in time with his music, which is the closest thing we have to a time machine. The shape of You, his most popular song, has over 5 billion views and is now the fourth most-watched video on YouTube. 

27. Ariana Grande (50.7 million subscribers)

Ariana Grande, an actress, and musician is the next artist on this list. Ariana Grande is a well-known pop singer who has a long list of significant successes under her belt, including Side to Side, Break Free, and God Is a Woman.

28. EminemMusic (50.6 million subscribers)

Eminem is a name that doesn’t need to be explained. If he isn’t the fastest rapper alive, he’s surely in the top two or three, and he’s very close to being number one. Nonetheless, we all remember him for songs like Lose Yourself, Not Afraid, Without Me, and The Monster, which are among the best rap songs ever written.

29. Wave Music (50 million subscribers)

Wave Music, a north Indian YouTube channel with millions of subscribers, comes in last on this list. It is one of the top ten most popular YouTube channels in India. They primarily share music and movies.

30. Aaj Tak (49.4 million subscribers)

Another Indian-based YouTube channel with a massive user base is Aaj Tak. The station mostly broadcasts breaking news from India and around the world.

Final Thoughts

This concludes the lengthy list of YouTubers and channels with the most subscribers. Thank you for joining us, and don’t you promise to have a wonderful time?

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