2 Years After Divorce From Husband, Kristin Cavallari Is Ready for a Relationship

2 Years After Divorce From Husband, Kristin Cavallari Is Ready for a Relationship

Kristin Cavallari is now feeling ready to get back out there for a serious relationship after spending some alone time to recover following her split from ex Jay Cutler in April 2020.

The 35-year-old reality personality and fashion designer responded to fan questions yesterday on her Instagram stories, many of which centered on her love life.

Cavallari replied in answer to a fan’s question about if she was dating, “I’ve sincerely needed the past two years to get through some hard issues.” “I had a few casual dates here and there, but nothing serious.” I’ve finally reached a point in my life where I’m ready for a relationship and yes it’s amazing what you’ll start to attract when you’re finally able to fully close a chapter.”

She went on to say “I think it’s vital to be happy on your own before starting a relationship and nobody can bring you happiness or fill a hole in your heart. That’s a job for the insiders”, Cavallari said of single life.

Cavallari said, “I’m happy,” when asked if she was happy, saying  “this question intrigues me because, yes, I am and it’s the first time in my life that I can honestly say that.”

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Cavallari is receptive to the notion of marrying in the future if the opportunity comes around.

“I still believe in marriage, and I’ve grown tremendously in the last two years,” she explained, “so I’ll be starting a new relationship as a new person, which thrills me.”

While her existence “feels very full” with her 3 kids, the mother of three, who happens to share her children with her ex, said she “would be interested in one more.”

The Denver-born reality TV personality Kristin has $30 million in her bank account, as per CelebrityNetWorth. However, note that she spent $5 million on a new home during her protracted separation from Jay, so let’s say $25 million. Let’s hope she doesn’t do anything with it.

You would recall that in April 2020, Cavallari and Cutler confirmed their separation. She said in October 2021 that the exes went on multiple dates after their breakup to ensure they were making the necessary decision.

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