Jennifer Lopez’s Diamond Ring Sparks Engagement Rumors

Jennifer Lopez's Diamond Ring Sparks Engagement Rumors

Lopez was spotted shopping for furniture with her daughter, Emme, 14, and she was wearing a diamond ring on that finger, according to new photographs released by TMZ.

The performer has the rock on her left ring finger, as shown in the photos. Lopez appears to be hiding the ring by flipping the diamond and concealing it on the inside of her palm in a number of the pictures.

If the diamond is an engagement ring, Affleck, 49, and Lopez, 52, will get engaged for the second time, having resumed their romance in 2021 after calling off their 2004 engagement.

The couple’s engagement is an “ongoing conversation” between them, according to a source “Ben and Jen are ecstatic to share the rest of their life and know they were meant to be together,” the insider stated. “An engagement has been discussed and is on the table.”

Communication is crucial for the couple this time, according to the insider.

“They actively discuss what hasn’t worked in the past and apply what they’ve learned to better their relationship now, for the sake of themselves and their families,” the insider stated. “They want to have a happy, long-term partnership.”

The unwavering support of the Deep Water actor and the Marry Me actress adds another element to their love. According to the insider, “Jen and Ben are tremendously supportive of each other.”

“Ben is Jen’s biggest supporter, continually praising her and telling her how wonderful she is. He enjoys discussing her various projects “the source was made public. “She’s a big fan of his as well, but Ben can’t stop bragging about how brilliant and hardworking she is.”

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An engagement would be a huge step forward for the couple, who just bought a $55 million Bel-Air property together.

“Ben and Jen want to buy a house jointly in Los Angeles, and maybe a few other cities as well, but this one in Bel Air is perfect for them. When they can, they spend every night together, and owning this home will make that easier. It’s the next step in their relationship, and they can’t wait to establish a home together because they’re both in it for the long haul” a different source shared.

Lopez’s excursion to the furniture store on Monday could be related to the couple’s intentions to personalize the home, which includes some refurbishing and upgrades.

“They are excited to make the house their own and have a place where they can all live together. They also intend to decorate it collectively, and any modifications will be done jointly “according to a source “Jen is obviously in charge of the home decor, but they want to incorporate both of their styles so that everyone feels at ease moving into the house and this new chapter in their lives.”

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